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"Hunter's Late-Season Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Brent Morrill

Brent Morrill (aka marley) shared the following in the forum..........

"Son’s 4th Season Buck - This year after applying in 8 states, my son ended up with zero tags. I spent the summer trying to find him a tag in CO and finally ended up buying him a LO tag for his birthday. When his hunt was coming out we realized that because of tests in school he would only be able to hunt one day. I went scouting the day before hoping to have a buck pinned down. I found a couple decent bucks in the same canyon chasing does so that was the plan. With snow in the forecast for that night and 12 degree weather expected the next day, I knew they’d stay in the area. When we got to the glassing spot the next morning, I could not turn up the bucks. The does were up feeding, but no bucks. After about an hour of glassing I finally turned up a buck bedded down 1000 yards down the canyon. It wasn’t one of the bucks I saw the day before but was still a great buck. He was bedded out in the open with no cover between him and us. My son shoots really well, but I felt like we needed to cut at least 500 yards down due to how cold it was. We couldn’t even feel our fingers or control the shivering enough to make a long shot. Some how we were able close the distance to 500 yards without him seeing us. My son got a good rest with my 28 Nosler and with the buck still bedded we had time to warm up a little. After about 30 minutes he finally stood up and started posturing to a little 2 point that had moved in too close to his does. Hunters first shot was barely over his back but he was so occupied with the two point that he didn’t even flinch. After an adjustment, Hunter, dropped him in his tracks. Hunter has had 5 deer tags and this was his 5th buck. With only one day to hunt, I think he made it count."

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