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"Nathan's 406-inch Giant Bull Elk"
Photo provided by: Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts writes, "BULL OF A LIFETIME!!!! I had waited 14 years to draw this coveted limited entry tag. I knew the unit very well since it was in my backyard where I had grown up. We scouted all summer and had found the bull we were hoping to put our hands on. On the third day we finally glassed him up, and it was game on. I put a great stalk on him while he was raking his velvet, I slipped within 53 yards and let my goldtip arrow fly. When I shot it was at 10:45 am right when the eclipse was taking place.... six hours later and two more arrows shot into the old warrior he finally went down. It was an amazing hunt, I couldn't have done it without all the help from my family and friends. We have a lot of history with this bull. My good buddies have picked 4 years worth of sheds off of him. It was a hunt of a lifetime and memories that will never be forgotten. The bull was rough taped out to be 406."

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