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"Stick-n-String Buck-n-Bull Success"
Photo provided by: Mark Broderick

Mark Broderick had an amazing year of archery hunting.

Mark writes, "The bull came first. My son and I were on a recovery trip, he had arrowed a bull a few days before and we were on a mission to find this bull! Well, 3 hours into the search, I walked right into a rut fest! I had 3 mature bulls all within 150 yards screaming at each other. I let out a few cow calls with my mouth, threw in a chuckle and just like that my bull stepped out! I had a perfect broadside shot, the shot was perfect and I was able to seal the deal! The bull made it 50 yards and expired. DIY/over the counter tag.
Side note: We also was able to find my son's bull.

My buck was on the extended archery hunt. I had an open Friday afternoon, so I packed up and headed up to a totally new area that I have not hunted. I figured I could make a 3 mile loop and end up back at the truck at dark. About an hour into the hike I came onto a well used trail packed with deer tracks. I knew this could turn up some deer, so I quietly followed it. It did not take long before I had a handful of doe's milling around in a small opening. Thinking there has to be a buck around with this many hot ladies! Then I caught movement off to my right, there he was laying in the tall yellow grass. All I could see was his antlers, ranged him at 31 yards, just then he stood up, walked straight away from me and then made a hard right turn, yes, broadside at 35 yards. I thought I hit him further back than I wanted, so I backed out. My son and I came back the next morning to look for him. To my surprise, he did not go 40 yards."

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