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"Idaho Deer Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy (aka HUNTNNW) and his wife did good in Idaho. It was a little tough, but they both had success. He shared in the forum the following.........

"Idaho Deer Hunt - Wife and I drew tags this year and headed down to some familiar places we have hunted in the past. Deer numbers were way down and at one point I had sat and glassed 5 days in a row and turned up one 3x4 buck and 7 does! Hunting was pretty dismal and we spotted this 2x3 with some does and my wife decided she wanted to shoot him. Made the 2 mi walk down to him and one shot later he was down.

I returned solo for final 7 days of season and things were a little better with snow and cold weather, but not much improved. Elk were everywhere I seem to look, too bad I didnít have a tag! Passed a few small bucks and with 2 days left in season I glassed this buck up and a bigger one in same canyon chasing does. Made the 3 mi hike down to them and blew it on the bigger one and ended up shooting the smaller one."

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