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"Taylor's Colorado Plains Buck (Contest Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Bill Ziebold

Winner of our Best Youth Any Game Animal Field Photo Contest!
Prize = $100.00 Gift Card!

Bill Ziebold writes, "I took my 13 year old daughter (Taylor) muley hunting on the second day of the Colorado 2017 late plains rifle season and she got it done on her first try. I had scouted this buck 3 evenings during the week prior to the opener. I spotted him one of those evenings in a willow bottom when he came out of the thicket at dark. Some other hunters had seen him on opening morning as he moved from the willows to a standing corn field. He didnít come out of the corn during shooting hours on the opener. We guessed that our only chance at this guy was to beat him to the corn field in the morning. We arrived about 5 minutes later than we wanted the next morning but were in the best spot available with the wind in our face and the eastern horizon lighting up. I noticed several does moving into the field at 100 yards. Fortunately, they crossed a spot with short corn after entering the field which allowed us to see their vitals. Behind the does were 2 smaller bucks that she passed. She was on her shooting sticks in case there was a shooter in the herd. The last one was the one she had been waiting on. When he turned and walked into the short corn after a single doe that had strayed from the rest, she was ready. She put a single shot from the TC Prohunter - 6.5 Creedmoor through his heart. In just a few seconds, her first muley was on the ground for good. The smile says it all."

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