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"Opening Morning Speedgoat for Randy"
Photo provided by: Randy Riley

Randy Riley (aka unclebuck) shared in the forum........

"Opening Morning Antelope - Here's the buck I killed on the opener. My son and I bedded a stud the night before but couldn't turn him up in the morning. We spotted this guy and 4 does near the top of a 7000' peak. After a hour and a half stalk I gave him a warning shot right over his back at 385 yards. Heading up to make sure it was a clean miss my son spotted them 500-600 yards out. The buck was fine and rounded up his does and off again. Staying high and side hilling for the next hour my son whispered there he is. Directly below me at 120 yards. All I could see was his head and neck. A quick shot with my .280 and it was all over. Felt lucky to kill a nice buck and spend such quality time with my son. Looking forward to our next adventure."

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