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"235-inch Monster Muley for Trevor (Contest Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Trevor Mortenson

Winner of our Best Archery Taken Trophy Field Photo Contest!
Prize = $100.00 Gift Card!

Trevor Mortenson writes, "This is my 2017 general season archery buck. I saw this deer for the first time in 2014 when he showed up in his wintering range which was city limits. My friend had named him the up and comer due to it being obvious he had some serious potential. This buck had quite a history. In 2015 he was caught in a deer trap in city limits and had his antler's cut off. 2016 he took a well-placed arrow from another hunter in front of the shoulder that just didn't penetrate deep enough to be lethal. He showed up to his winter range in 2016 as a buck scoring 214, not including roughly 7 to 8 inches broken. Patterning this buck was difficult, given he lived in a jungle of pine trees. There was a great deal of other hunters chasing him as well. I had a chance to shoot him on opening morning at 80 yards but did not feel it was an ethical shot and let him walk. The third day of the hunt presented me with three different chances to shoot at roughly 60-70 yards, but once again I did not feel comfortable with the shot given the circumstances. I gave it a Hail Mary and wound up climbing down a 50 foot cliff with my bow in my teeth that placed me in the perfect position for a 25 yard shot. I owe credit to a few of my good friends that helped make this hunt a success. To my closest friend, Colten Petersen for keeping my head in the game and being the leading example of locating a target buck. To Wess Hoth for being there for a friend and helping in unexplainable ways at the drop of a hat. And to my uncle Phil, who, without his help I would not have the resources to get this deer found. To Nick Thompson for making it a priority to help pack out animals. (That's 3 I owe you for now) I give the credit to them. I've been blessed with some great people in my life."

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