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"Colorado High Country Muley for Kelly"
Photo provided by: Kelly Devine

Kelly Devine (aka Smtn10pt) posted in the forum his fine Colorado success. Here's what he shared.........

"Colorado NR w/11 pp High Country Rifle Hunt - I was able to spend a day and a half before the season looking over some country and driving around.
I did not spot any deer period during that time, nor on the opening day of the season. I was starting to become very worried at this point. The second day of the season started out with me spotting a band of 11 sheep (one with a collar) a few moose, and finally a doe and fawn mule deer.

I was encouraged by seeing the game but still concerned about not seeing any bucks. That evening I went to a new spot and after sitting out the standard afternoon hail/thunderstorm I got in some glassing.

I wasn’t seeing anything at all when, on a whim, I scanned the very top of the mountain. Through my binos I saw a ram come over the top of the mountain, I debated setting up the spotter to look at him and decided I might as well. Luckily that was a smart decision because this deer and another smaller deer were with the ram. I watched them until dark and made a plan to be back in there the following morning.

When daylight broke I was able to find the deer and made my shot count on the bigger of the two. I watched as the other buck ran up into the rocks and rejoined his buddy, the sheep."

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