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"Giant Wyoming Bull Elk Hits the Dirt"
Photo provided by: Owen Kimberling

Owen Kimberling writes, "This is my sister, Cassie Linduska's 2018 Wyoming Public Land General Unit Bull. We had a buddy spot this bull during an archery deer hunt and immediately called us to the area. At first thought he believed this bull would go over 350". After a 2.5 mile hike to the area where he had last seen the bull we quickly discovered the bull was gone. My thoughts were just to settle in and wait as I figured the bull had just moved into the timber to lay down because of the sun. After a 45 minute wait the bull magically appeared across the canyon in a meadow. The bull began to feed in the meadow. I told my sister that we were going to wait until he presented us with a good broadside shot. As all of us patiently waited and watched thru our binoculars and Cassie thru the rifle scope I could hear everyone's excitement through deep breaths as we studied this bull. It was obvious he was way over 350". I could also see my cousin, John, and my buddy, Justin, shaking with excitement as they knew this was a huge bull. Cassie and I have been here many times in the past. Her the shooter, me the spotter, and her knowing to breathe, not look at the antlers and to wait until I say those words "let em have it". It seemed like forever as he continued to feed around a tree. He finally turned broadside. I told Cassie to settle in behind his shoulder, but we were going to wait until he turned his head to the left. At this point I could tell he was a gigantic bull and I could hear Cassie really starting to breathe heavily. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. I ranged one last time and said 320. Cassie knew that 320 yards was dead on as she was laying behind my Remington Sendaro .300 ultra mag. I told her one last time, put it behind his shoulder, and as he turned his head to the left I said "take him". The crack of the gun went off and I could instantly tell he was done, a perfect shot! He turned and she put another one in the same exact spot! He was down. Cassie laid there I believe in the fetal position shaking for about two minutes. She said afterwards that she was telling herself before the shot not to look at the horns. As we approached there was no doubt this was a true Wyoming giant bull. This bull was in a caliber of his own especially for a general unit like this one that doesn't produce very big bulls, especially on public land. This will go down as one of the most exciting and memorable hunts of my life and especially my sisters life. The bull is a 7x6 and scores 389-4/8!"

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