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"Three 3rd Season Colorado Trophy Bucks"
Photo provided by: Jake Goin

What a fun deer hunting adventure. Jake Goin (aka BCMoose) shared the following in the forum.....

"About 12 years ago I told my dad we ought to start banking points to do a really good deer hunt. Each year we researched units and ultimately continued to build preference points, not really knowing which unit might emerge as the one we want. We decided that 2018 was going to be the year to cash in, so we put in for 3rd rifle. 1 week after the application deadline, my father got a terrible cancer diagnosis. Based upon the initial findings, it didn't sound as if he would even make it to the hunt if we did draw. He continued treatment, and we waited on the draw results. Praise be to God that we got positive answers on his diagnosis and treatment, and that we also drew the tag we had waited so many years for. Now the big hurdle we faced was a major surgery he was going to have and the recovery that came along with it. It was decided his surgery would take place in July and that recovery would be 1 week in ICU and 8 weeks recovery at home. I told him you work on recovering and I'll scout. I scouted several times throughout the summer and felt I had a pretty good lay of the land for season. Fast forward to Nov 1st and we hit the road for our hunt. We spent the Friday before season locating deer, however we also located people in the spots we had found. That caused us to venture into new areas and boy was that a blessing. We stumbled upon a few great deer spots with almost no one in them. We took all 3 of our deer in the drainage we were in and looked at well over 100 4x4's during the hunt. 2 of us took our best bucks to date and my dad matched his best buck. My pops and I were together when we each got our deer making it that much more special. We had a great week with some of our closest friends and long term hunting buddies."

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