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"Justin's Colorado Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Justin Moore

Justin Moore (aka Fauntleroy) caught himself a good tag and scored on a whopper. He shared with us in the forum.....

"Reissued Archery Giant - Well with the Colorado Leftover Watch app that we created this year it's been a busy season. I put this hunt code for the archery hunt around the house in my Watchlist along with every other hunt code that I had some knowledge about. When it popped as a notification in late August as a reissued tag I figured it would be nice to hunt here around the place so I jumped on it. With the eastern plains archery dates going so long I figured I could spread it out a little.

Found a few other great looking bucks, but this one made my heart skip a beat and I focused on him for a little over a month before I was able to put my hands on him. Lost him a couple times, made some rookie mistakes (like not keeping my release with the bow), but in the end he's far and away my best buck. At the very least, big enough that he'll be my first one I get officially scored cause what I'm coming up with is much more than we guessed on the hoof."

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