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"Two Sweet Archery Bears for Bryan"
Photo provided by: Bryan Langford

Bryan Langford writes, "I was able to take a couple good North Idaho bears while just trying to help a friend from out of state. The first one I was just baiting a couple days before he was set to get here. I bumped the bear up the tree just above the bait. It was all sorts of ticked, woofing and popping its teeth. I waited...and it didn't I backed out and it wouldn't leave...I grabbed my bait and left again...third time even longer and farther, only to have a snapping mad bear still acting pissy. Now I'm thinking this could get tricky with my buddy showing in a couple days. I needed to feed as the bait was getting cleaned out every couple of days. I was solo and didn't want to unload bait with a bear drooling on my head. I had my pistol on my hip but that didn't sound too fun. I remembered my bow was in my rig that I brought to shoot my broadheads. So, I backed all the way out, shot two broadheads and ran all the way back in to find a still upset bear in the tree. I thought, "I gave you plenty of chances!". I hooked up my video camera, stepped in front and took the shot. Hit it great and it hesitated a few seconds, then headed up the tree. I was sure what would happen next, but after 1 minute it stretched one leg, then another, and then took the huge fall.

My buddy had to leave earlier than expected so I still had two baits getting hammered, so I headed back out. This one was just as planned. At last light I had a couple bears start to circle. The first one came out and I gave it a little time seeing if the one behind me would show, but as I was loosing light and with a really good 300 pound bear, I decided to take the shot. It only ran 20 yards and did the death moan. Both were very old females with white chest patches. I was able to get both on video solo. Not bad for a year I wasn't planning to hunt myself."

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