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"Persistence Pays Off for Scott"
Photo provided by: Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen (aka solo here at writes, "After much persistence I was able to put my hands on this bucks antlers. I found this buck fully grown and in velvet in mid-August. One month later in mid-September I was excited to locate this buck again, but this time he was hard horned. This buck was the best buck I could find in this drainage, so he became my target buck. On the muzzleloader hunt, I was excited again to find this buck and put to bed on two different days only to be disheartened with failed stalks on both days. The rifle hunt came mid-October. I spot this buck again on day 2 too late in the day to make a move on. Day 3 I was back to the same spot and found the buck again not 200 yards from where he was the night before. I watch the buck enter the trees to bed. After a long hike across the canyon to a good vantage point, I waited for him to come out to feed in the evening. Once again, this buck sensed my presence. To my surprise, he tried to sneak away by coming my direction and gave me a hurried short shot that put him down. This buck is my best buck to date."

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