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"Happy Young Gal with a Fine Colorado Muley"
Photo provided by: Sherlock forum contributor, Sherlock, shared the following with us all in the Colorado forum.....

"Hotchkiss/Unit 52 - She tagged out on her biggest buck, yet. But that ain't saying much.

Long story...
We entered the hunt with high expectations, based on a neighbor of mine that said the big bucks would show up for the rut as the week progressed, and we should focus on private lands where we would go "permission hunting" during the day. Having a cute 15 year old daughter probably helped. We stacked up enough permissions on good lands to hunt plenty of deer. Even people that said 'no' were generally nice about it. In any case, we saw plenty of bucks and she even passed up several times on decent bucks as we waited for the really good bucks to show up. As the week progressed, we noticed that the better bucks we had in our back pocket started getting shot and no other bucks were showing up. Never saw anything over 180". So, she decided to take one of those 170" class bucks, but as she made a move on a decent buck, it must have slipped into the trees and in the heat of the moment she picked out and shot a smaller buck in the herd. But she was still ok with it, as it was her biggest.

My take on the hunt is that it's probably a better hunt for handicapped, elderly, or folks that like road hunting and don't mind knocking doors or "permission hunting". We are accustomed to backpack/backcountry hunting, so wasn't really much of an adventure. More just an easy way to get an ok buck without much physical effort. With that said, we didn't spend much time on public land, but I heard the bucks weren't any bigger on the public, unless you got real lucky."

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