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"Two Big Bulls for these Boys"
Photo provided by: Lance Merrell

Lance Merrell (aka bucksgonewild) shared this elk hunting adventure in the Elk Forum here at

"Jarbidge Elk Hunt - Took my nephew and brother who had tags, they made a deal that if they spotted their own they would shoot it, if I spotted it they had to flip a coin to see who could shoot it. My brother won the coin toss on this bigger bull I spotted but for some reason he decided to let my nephew shoot it instead. After he said he could shoot it he looked down in my spotting scope and I heard him say "ok I am sick now" LOL. I asked him why he decided to let his nephew shoot it instead and he said he just wanted to be nice, boy I would say!! I snuck my nephew up to 150 yards with this bull bedded so we had to lay prone for 3 hours waiting for him to get up. My nephew, being a really "patient" teenager, kept asking me to shoot him in the head, which I repeatedly kept telling him no! We will wait for him to get up. He stood up to stretch and that was the end of that bull. He had a desperate teenager not wanting to lie in the sagebrush for one more minute. He was so pumped and thatís what makes this so fun for me now, seeing the youth get into it like that.

So then I had to get my brother one. We passed on a couple bulls better than the one we got, so we kind of regretted that, but this bull had 49" mains and older, so he was happy with it being at least a mature bull. They are both their first bulls so I told them they did awesome for it being their first. I killed many a cow elk in Wyoming before I finally connected with a mature bull, funny growing up in a general unit where itís tough to find bulls compared to these limited entry units where you see so many. Just canít beat hunting with fam in great areas, itís what we all live for on here I am sure."

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