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"Oregon Ram Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Dean Trent

Dean Trent (aka kickerbuck) shared in the forum....

"SE Oregon Ram - I was fortunate enough to accompany a friend of mine on his Big Horn Sheep hunt in the Trout Creek Mtns. I could only hunt with him for three days and he got this Ram on day three, which I was thankful for. He had the whole 14 day season off if needed, but before the hunt he told me he wanted a mature, heavy, broomed back Ram. After spotting this Ram the second night of the hunt with 5 other Rams we went back in the morning and the 6 Rams were all feeding where we left them the night before. After looking him over from 345 yards away vs 2000 yards away my friend decided he was exactly what he was looking for. The Ram was feeding and just so happen to come close to a huge bolder and my friend shot him as he was next to it. The Ram instantly dropped perfectly againt the rock. We were both super excited, until the weight of the horns and head of the Ram basically pulled him off the rock he was up agaisnt, and he tumbled down the canyon about 500 feet. Thankfully his horns finally stopped him from going off a cliff and into the creek bottom below. The hillside was super steep and not much for shade but we worked together and got him out in one steep pack out.

Congrats to my friend on the lucky draw and a GREAT Oregon Ram!"

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