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"Exciting Day of Antelope Hunting for Todd"
Photo provided by: Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson (aka mta5672) shared in the forum the following....

"Wyoming Speedgoat - Had an awesome weekend in the hills with my wife. We spent all day Saturday on the mountain chasing bugling bulls with her bow in hand with several close encounters on quality bulls, it just didn't come together. We decided to head off the mountain after sleeping in Sunday to try and turn up a great antelope buck we had spotted in late August. We got to the area he was last spotted in about 2pm and the search was on. After several hours of looking at many bucks, we finally found a buck that we thought was him about 2 miles away. We planned our route that we thought would put us inside 300 yards and took off. The old saying everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth tells this story all too well! We ended up having to zig zag all over the place to avoid all of the lone bucks and small groups of does. I think we ended up covering about 3 miles just to get to 700 yards. It appeared luck was on our side, as we had a huge wash that meandered along right under the buck and his does. After looking him over very carefully, we decided he wasn't the target buck, but one I was willing to hang my tag on. He was a little short in the prong area, but great length and tons of mass made it an easy decision. We dropped into the wash and headed that way. About half way there we jumped a very nice 27 inch wide 4 point out of its bed, and he blew out directly towards the buck. We scrambled up to the edge of the wash to see our antelope very alert and looking for the danger. My wife quickly ranged him while I was getting the pack set up and finding a lane through the sagebrush to shoot. She told me he was 360 yards, a shot I am very confident in. After dialing the range on my Huskemaw, I squeezed the trigger and the 6.5-284 dropped the buck stone cold dead in his tracks. After a few high fives we walked over and it was quite evident I had just killed the third 80 inch buck in as many years in this very under subscribed and easy to draw unit. He ended up being right at 16-1/2" on both horns with 21 inches of mass on both sides. His 4-1/2" cutters were his only week spot, but an awesome buck in my opinion!"

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