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"Nevada Smokepole Muley for Marcial"
Photo provided by: Marcial Evertsen

Marcial Evertsen (aka mevertsen) sure had a good hunt in Nevada this year with his muzzleloader. He shared the following with us all in the forum....

"Nevada Muzzleloader Buck - I drew an area 15 muzzle loader deer tag. I scouted 4 days, including the day before the opener. I managed to find 7 bucks while scouting. Day one, I saw one spike early and a nice buck late. On day 2 I found 6 bucks that were walking into water at the same time I was, and they caught me. A very nice buck in that group. On day 3, (Wednesday), I didn't see a single deer until 930. I missed a shot, and then missed shots at 2 other bucks a few hours later. I have always had a tendency to aim high when shooting a muzzle loader, and I don't know why, but it happens.

On my way back to camp yesterday at about 5:15, I saw 2 bucks and 2 does in the creek bed. I got a shot, which turned out to be 155 yards. I hit him a bit far back, going in through the tenderloins and hitting the major artery. He dropped, rolled down the hill, then got up and ran about 75 yards then piled up. I was definitely pleased, as there was no ground shrinkage. (I was just wanting a buck). In total, 16 bucks in 3 days of hunting, including 2 others that were about the size or little bigger, and about 40-50 does and fawns in those 3 days.

25 inch outside spread. I have not scored him, as I know he will not score well being a 4x3 with a lot of deductions because of the mismatch, but I am getting him mounted, as he is by far my best buck in 21 years of hunting, and one of the better bucks I have seen with a tag in my pocket. On top of that, he also had a very nice cape and was just a pretty buck."

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