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"Youngster and Her Trophy Oryx"
Photo provided by: Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia (aka ixsolracxi) posted in the New Mexico forum......

"Took my daughter on her youth Oryx hunt on White Sands Missile Range this weekend and she was able to make a perfect one shot kill on this 25" bull early this afternoon. We found him on a hillside as we were hiking looking for a herd we had seen 15 minutes before. He was eating on the hilltop, I broke out the deer decoy, he never spooked and actually fed down toward us. We crawled to reduce the distance when he would feed and the closest we got to this bull was 32 yards!!! Archery distance!!! Unfortunately, we couldn't get a shot at him as we could only see the tips of his horns. After 10 minutes or so he bolted back up the hill and stopped at 65 yards and stood broadside. She was already in prone and had the cross-hairs on him. I knew she made a good shot, he left a really good blood trail and we found him just over the top of the hill. The pack out was about three-quarters of a mile in 88 degree heat. The 7mm-08 with 140 grain Nosler Accubonds gets the job done again."

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