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"Kasey's High Country Wyoming Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Kasey Scott

Kasey Scott writes, "The hunt applications rolled around and I had 10 points. I searched for every piece of advise I could get from anyone and they all told me not to waste my points on Region G. I love the high country and wanted to get a buck in some of the best country anyone could imagine. So I decided against everyone’s advise and went for it. Due to job restrictions I only spent one weekend scouting and found two basins that held lots of good bucks. I found one that was above the rest and had a great cheater off his G2 and he became my number 1 buck that I wanted to hunt. My buddy and I planned on hunting the high country for eight days. I decided opening morning that I wanted to be in the basin I had seen the cheater buck in a month prior. In the first hour of daylight, I heard a gun shot and started to get nervous. We both decided that we needed to get higher to the next ridge line. Once we created the ridge line, I took off my pack and laid my gun down to glass the basin. Just as I was wondering where the bucks were hiding, I looked below my location and three bucks started to feed up the rise right underneath me at 115 yards. I slowly lifted my binoculars and tried to minimize my movements because I was in the skyline to the bucks location. I frantically looked for a cheater off the back G2, but didn’t see anything. The third buck had great mass and a inline. I knew instantly that I needed to grab my rifle. I slowly reached back and picked up my rifle. As the bucks fed and the inline buck put his head down, I put the crosshairs between his shoulder blades and touched the trigger of my Weatherby 30-378. The buck instantly went down and the other two run 25 yards out and stopped looking back for their buddy. My buddy relayed to me that the bucks weren’t hit and was wondering why I wasn't still shooting. He finally got the same angle and could see my buck lying there. The hunt that took ten years of applying for points came to an end less than an hour into the hunt. This buck and the high country basin he lived was everything I could have asked for. The buck ended up scoring 182 and had everything I was looking for. The memories and pictures will be replayed every time I look at this buck on my wall."

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