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"Couple Big New Mexico Bulls"
Photo provided by: Matt Finegan

Matt Finegan (aka 12ring) shared the following in the forum here at

"A Few Pics from the First Hunt - My hunting partners son and son in law drew elk tags in north central NM. We did some scouting early, hung a tree stand and found some wallows. The tree stand wasnít being productive and the bulls were ripping bugles so the majority of the time we chased bugling bulls.

My buddies son killed on the 7th. The bull bugled so they made a few cow calls and the bull and two cows came in. He made a good 52 yard shot and the bull went about 150 yards and piled up (top photo).

My buddies son in law killed on the last day. He went out that day with his wife, and brother in law (the kid in the other pic.) They teamed up and called this bull in to 52 yards a well. He made a good shot and the bulled died 50 yards later. He killed him at 3:00pm in a deep nasty canyon. The three of them packed him 3.25 miles to a trail head where they met my buddy to help pack the other 3.3 miles out. They didnít get off the mountain until 1:00am. The three of them packed the entire bull out of that canyon. One guys weighs about 150, his wife might be 100 pounds the other kid is like 115. They did good work."

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