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"Big Buck Archery Success"
Photo provided by: Brian Latturner

What a fun hunt that my hunting buddy, Scott, and I had this year in Wyoming. We shared his points to get the tags and I did the scouting. I found the bucks he and I harvested along with another pretty wide one in this spot and so we decided to give a shot and see if we had what it takes to get one with a bow.

The hunt was a lot of fun and we had action each day. There were several bucks in the area that Scott would shoot and he sent a few arrows. I had my eye on the wider buck or the triple droptine buck that Scott took, but on day 5 of the hunt the 5x5 buck bedded in a good spot for a stalk and I thought about how hard it is to get a big buck with a bow and decided to give it a try. (Out of 420 bucks I looked at in Wyoming during the summer, he was one of the top 6 or 7 seen)

I had to sneak along the backside of a steep, rocky ridge, then crawl down the sidehill towards him. I reached the final tree that gave me good cover at 57 yards out, then the waiting game began.

All I could see was his back fork as he was bedded, so I had to wait for him to stand. I waited and waited, standing there in the hot sun, for at least a couple of hours before the sun finally moved enough that it touched him and he stood. I was very much ready for that moment and immediately drew my bow and sent an arrow. He jumped and staggered in his bed and I quickly put another arrow in him. I wanted that part over as quick as possible, and it was.

Such an exciting moment and stalk and what a fantastic archery hunt. I have to really thank Scott for sharing his points with me and trusting that I'd find us some bucks to hunt and help him harvest a trophy.

Fantastic Hunt!!!

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