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"Brandon Connects on "KickOut" ... 185-inch Trophy"
Photo provided by: Brandon Houghton

Brandon Houghton, of Deceived Outdoors, has taken himself another awesome trophy buck. This one here is a general season Utah buck that he dubbed "KickOut". Here's his story......

"I named him "KickOut" because of his G3ís kicking out so far. He is right at 30" wide and 185". KickOut showed back up the night before the opener. We were able to get some cool footage of him on Friday night. Opening morning came and there was no sign of him. We saw a few smaller bucks in the morning. In the evening my dad (not having a tag) posted up on an adjacent ridge. My uncle and I worked our way up and into the area where we had seen Kick Out the night before. Eventually we split up, my uncle stayed up top and I slowly hunted my way down off the mountain. When I got to the bottom my dad called on the radio and let me know that there were some shooters back up at the top where I had been. Knowing that my uncle didnít have a radio, I wanted to make sure he had an opportunity to make a play on the bucks and knew they were there so I made a quick decision to turn around and scale back up the mountain. As I climbed back up to where my uncle was I was able to see him rounding a group of pines and three bucks feeding across an opening in a steep chute about 100 yards above him. Just then the bucks spooked. My dad let us know that the bucks were gone. I had an idea of where they might go and waved my uncle over. We quickly moved about a quarter-mile into an area where I believed the bucks may cross a rock slide. Within a minute, KickOut stepped out broadside. I grabbed the range, 90 yards. KickOut stared us down. I was standing behind a small pine tree unable to shoot from my current position. My uncle said you better take your chance, it might be now or never, so I took three quick steps to my left pulled back and let it rip. We watched the arrow fly and connect. KickOut made a very loud grunt and took off on a sprint. Within a minute or two we located him expired. He had gone less than 100 yards with the arrow right in the heart. Overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for the opportunity to harvest KickOut, I called my dad on the radio to come over. We caped him out and deboned him, packed up camp, and worked our way 4 miles back to the truck, making it home at 4am."

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