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"Chris' Heavy, Heavy Nebraska Bull"
Photo provided by: Chris Augustyn

Chris Augustyn (aka foldem_aug) did incredibly well in Nebraska. He posted the following in the forum.....

"My 2019 Nebraska Bull!! - Once in a life time tag. Once in a life time bull. With a once in a life time story. I set up in a fence line to call at a bull bugling in the distance and not only did he respond but one bugled 50 yards from me behind a small knob. Problem was he was on the wrong side of the fence. So as soon as I heard him I ran away from the fence 30 yards and slid behind a small pine, the first thing I could find for cover. Within seconds he was at the fence line bugling again and again. (I was amazed by his mass to say the least.) Soon he turned away and then I called, he answered and milled around. I would call he would answer this went on for 15 to 20 minutes. Then I heard a dreaded cow call and he ran off at her to round her up I assume. I said to myself "Great, he's got a bunch of cows with him". So I remember watching a video produced by elk nut and he talked about sounding like a bull with a cow and not bugling. What did I have to lose, so I started raking like a wild man breaking every branch I could find over the tree in front of me. I smashed pine cones into the ground and I made as much noise as I could while cow calling every minute. After 3 minutes of me being a crazy man, the bulls light just switched and he let out a lip bawl bugle that shook the ground, he was mad. He closed the distance back to me and stopped just before the fence and snapped a pine tree in half, then beat it into the ground. I kept at it. Next he turn at me and came straight for me and I can't honestly say if he went through the fence or over it, but he stopped 20 yards broadside and bugled again. The rest is history."

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