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"General Season Buck Hunting Family Fun"
Photo provided by: Spencer Gledhill

Spencer Gledhill (aka GLEDEASY) had a nice general season hunt. He shared with us in the forum the following.....

"UT General Season 2019 - This was suppose to be the year I was going to hold out for something special. This was going to be the year I helped my brother get his best buck. In the end, I guess I accomplished both.

I spent somewhere around 16 hunting days (aside from scouting) throughout archery, muzzle loader, and rifle seasons. I had one particular buck I found in July and decided it was him or bust. I was able to keep my trigger finger at bay, including a great 3x4 I watched at 15 yards for 45 minutes trying to decide. As far as my target buck, I had opportunities on both archery and muzzle loader that just didn't work out.

First rifle season we got my brother his best buck on day 2 (top photo). No sightings of my target buck.

To this point my kids hadn't followed around much. Opening weekend of the second rifle season I wanted my kids to tag along and just have a good time. Things on opening morning happened fast. I had already passed a few bucks that my 6 year old asked why I wasn't shooting them. Then a deep forked 4 point showed up and I had to make a quick decision.

Hopefully my target buck made it through. As for my buck it's hard to replace moments in the outdoors with your kids.

When I walked up to my buck I immediately knew I had his last years shed. I was hesitant to drag him by the antlers because I found that shed on October 31."

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