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"Wasatch West Buck Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Doug Peterson

Forum member and moderator, Doug Peterson (aka slamdunk), had a good time hunting deer this year. He shared.....

"Wasatch West Success - After my Beaver unit experience last year, I decided to just enjoy a hunt without banking on filling my tag with a quality buck and have fun with my son, his wife and my girlfriend for her first hunt ever.
We chose the Wasatch West because it is close and we could bounce around if needed.

We started out in the Sheep Creek/West Strawberry area.
As expected, it was like a well fertilized pumpkin patch but we gave it four solid relentless days without punching a primer.
I will say, as compared to the Beaver unit, we were seeing deer, lots of them.

We decided to pull camp and hunt closer to home in some higher more remote country.
We worked hard and almost killed my poor Floridian raised girlfriend hiking steep terrain above 10k feet.
On the morning of day 7, the stars finally lined up and I found a very unlucky mature buck that met my 250 grain Scenar from my Lapua.

This hunt proved the old saying that "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut"."

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