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"Youngster and His First Bull"
Photo provided by: Manuel Villanueva

Manuel Villanueva (aka biggamehunter35) shared the following in the forum.....

"Sons First Bull - My 11 year old son was able to get his first bull elk this year. This was a real adventure. Opening day in the afternoon my son broke his left arm after chasing a screaming bull!! My son was so EXCITED to hear the elk screaming. So we took him to the emergency room at the time he was in a lot of pain. Once we got to the emergency room the first thing he ask the doctor was can I still hunt, the ELK are SCREAMING. Before we left the doctor told my son he could still hunt but his arm needed to remain in a splint. We went back out the last two days. On the Last morning he was able to connect on a beautiful bull. As a father I'm so glad he has the passion for hunting and showing respect for the elk that he harvest."

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