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"32-inch Wide Kaibab Buck Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Kody Budinger

Kody Budinger (aka klb458) had some nice success in Arizona. He shared in the forum.....

"AZ Kaibab Success - Here is a picture of my Kaibab muzzleloader buck. Hard to believe this is my first muley, been hunting for 15 years and had two tags when I was a youth. Starting scraping up my bonus points in hopes for a strip tag until Spring of 2018 showed us an abundance of moisture I knew I had to burn the points in hopes to kill a good buck. I wanted to really hold out on this hunt for true giant, but I guess killing a giant for your first is hard to beat. I settled with this awesome 32" wide buck, by settled I mean it got a bit "western." First shot was dead on behind the shoulder, but the bullet grenaded and exited out the rear which meant I needed to get another shot in. Second shot was at a bad angle and I made a rookie mistake of not settled in on the shot and hit his main beam. At the end of the day, it was one wild evening. Kaibab mule deer are like no other in my opinion. Everything about them seems to be a little different than your average mule deer in Arizona. Can't wait to do it all again one day. Until then, I will keep trying to seal the deal with the stick and string."

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