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"Fantastic Father/Son Double Up on Bucks"
Photo provided by: Russ Jones

Russ Jones (aka 257weatherby) and his son sure had a memorable hunt. Here's what he shared in the forum.....

"Father and Son Double - I thought I would share a few pictures of my son and I's successful opening morning. We spotted the deer around 800 yards and we could tell there was at least one buck in the group so we continued to stalk closer and cut the distance down to 275. When we got there we found that there was another buck with the four point. I told my son to shoot the 4 point and I would do a follow up shot if needed, my son and his 22-250 shot perfectly and the deer stumbled so I put my focus on the second buck and connected also. Within seconds both bucks were rolling down the steep hill right towards us. It was a very special moment that we will never forget. I keep telling my son that he is now ruined, killing a great buck at such a young age, considering the buck I killed is my biggest after 30 years of hunting."

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