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"Twelve Year Wait Was Well Worth It!"
Photo provided by: Cody Carlon

Cody Carlon (aka Cody) shared in the forum recently his blacktail hunting adventure and success.....

"Twelve Year Wait Was Well Worth It - I have been talking with John McCollum with Eden Ridge Outfitters at the Sheep Shows the last few years about the Blacktails in SW Oregon. I had twelve bonus points and decided it was time to hunt one of these little gray ghost. With that many years invested in out of state licenses and app fees I was glad to have the help of John and Caleb White. On the way into the area Caleb was setting me up in we had a chance at a really nice 3 point. I was having trouble deciding to shoot or not with it being the first morning as the buck slipped out of sight. That scenario rolled through my head most of the day as I sat and watched the area I was told may hold a good buck. I was told the hunting had been tough and I had not seen a deer yet from my spot. I was starting to question my decision of passing the 3 point up. Caleb reassured me via text that I would kill a big buck now that I had passed the good buck up. Boy was he right as late in the afternoon I caught movement to left and it was close. I had just caught a glimpse of antler and it looked good although I didn't know exactly how good. I had just enough time to grab my gun and shoulder it as a buck appeared between some brush at 18 yards. I had to make a quick shot but the Thor made its way into him. It wasnt all peaches and cream after the shot but I got it done and ended up with the a blacktail of my dreams. An old warrior buck with some impressive unique bone on top. Thanks John and Caleb for the help in taking the buck of a lifetime."

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