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"Montana General Season Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Stubaby

Monster Muleys regular, Stubaby, got it done in Montana. Sweet buck! He shared in the forum.....

"Montana General Buck - I tagged out on the opener for elk here in Utah and had a Montana deer tag in my glove box so I watched the weather and made the most of a cold, calm day after a little snow.

At first light I passed up two mature bucks in the 140-150 class range. Very hard to do with the right pointer finger God gave me.

I was on my way to some of my other old spots when I saw this buck on the skyline of a large hill.

I knew the hill he was on was BLM from hunting the area in years past. There was actually a truck from WA state with hunters ahead of me on the road. As they made their way around the bend it was obvious they hadnít seen him.

After a grueling 150 yard hike (sarcasm) heíd come over the hill and gave me a 249 yard chip shot.

I was like a kid at Christmas when I pulled his antlers out of the sage brush. You just donít see these lack of crab forks on mule deer all too often in Montana.

26 hours driving back and forth and my hunt lasted 25 minutes."

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