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"Fine 4-Point Buck for Felipe"
Photo provided by: Felipe Gallegos

Felipe Gallegos writes, "Had a great season in Southeastern Idaho and was able to take a very nice buck. In the morning there was some snow on the ground and much colder than it had been the last couple of days. I arrived at my hunting destination a few days early to scout and learn the area where I would be hunting. The first two days of scouting didnít turn up any deer, did a lot of walking and glassing but no deer. On the third day changed spots, my luck started to change and that afternoon spotted three does and a bull moose. That evening started hiking and scouting around a nearby canyon a mile or so from where I seen the does and to my surprise found two nice bucks. One was a toad with a kicker on the right side, dark chocolate antlers and big typical frame I think he was pushing a little over thirty inches. A good high 180 low 190 public land buck. Opening day of the season found me at that very same area around 3am but I wasnít alone, some other hunters showed up and parked next to me along the trailhead to where I had found that nice buck a day before. Talking with the other hunters which were very nice people, we came up with a plan. They would hunt the high ridge and I planned to hunt down ridge towards the canyon where I seen the big buck. With fresh snow and not more than an hour into my hunt I spotted the two bucks cresting over the ridge around 600 yards out. Knowing their location, I was able to find their tracks in the fresh snow. After tracking them for a little over an hour, one of the bucks separated from the other two bucks and left them and headed another direction. Leaving the other two tracks, I started after the lone buck thinking it would be easier to find one rather than two. Three hours of tracking found myself getting close to a big canyon that I knew of and the buck was heading that direction. So to try and out smart the deer I left his tracks and headed towards the canyon, luck was on my side. When I got there I saw the buck around 400 yards, and two shots later and I was able to get a beautiful big Idaho mule deer buck. What a fun hunt."

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