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"Steve's Fun Colorado Hunt with Dad"
Photo provided by: Steven Wisz

Steven Wisz (aka Wiszard) posted in the forum.....

"Wyoming Buck - This was a 3rd day buck and I am grateful to have found him. We hadn't seen any bucks at all the first 2 days of hunting so we tried a different area we had never hunted before. We saw a doe standing in a sage patch and spotted this guy bedded about 10 deet from her. I belly crawled in to about 150 and waited for him to stand up. My Dad was a ways behind me and after about 6 or 7 minutes of laying there prone waiting for him to stand, my Dad started moving a bit to induce him to get up. The second he was up, I let one go and spined him. The second shot put him down for good. It was nice filling at least 1 or our 2 tags. Region D has declined in deer numbers from year to year and they've reduced the tags accordingly. Can't wait to get back though and spend another hunt with my Dad."

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