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"Lance's Big Idaho Smokepole Buck"
Photo provided by: Lance Bethke

Lance Bethke (aka idhunters) posted in the forum here at Monster Muleys the following.....

"Idaho Muzzy Buck - Was fortunate to draw a muzzy tag in Idaho. I spend most of the hunt grinding against a full moon, cold nights with little morning activity and warmer than average days. Its a low density deer area anyways with lots of open country. I saw on average only 2 bucks a day (November tag) but did see a couple really good deer. I passed up some ok deer, and had a close encounter with a great buck.

With only 3 days left in the season I made what felt like the 10th drive to my hunting area, about 45 minutes from my house. I hunted most of the morning, seeing 2 small bucks and a couple does. While sneaking in a juniper patch I jumped some does, but didn't get a good look at all of them. I was a bit dejected, but went ahead and cut the wind and kept still hunting.

I made it about 100 yards and peaked around a tree to see this guy standing there at about 50 yards. With open sights, lead bullets, loose powder and other western muzzleloader rules I was happy to have the chip shot.

He measures just under 29" at the widest. We believe he is a whitetail hybrid based on the antlers and his tail has no black tip like muleys should. There are white tail deer in the area.

Public land, DIY, muzzle loader buck."

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