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"Split Ear is Down ... Clint's Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Clint Pollock

Clint Pollock writes, "This buck was quite a journey. I first found this buck while elk hunting in 2017 in an area that surprised me there were deer. In 2018, I drew the dedicated hunter tag and I was set only for a big buck my first year and this guy was on my mind. I setup cameras in June of 2018 and as luck would have it, he came back (Bottom Photo). He had a nice cheater on his right G3 and had a split left ear. With the split ear, I nick named him "Split Ear". I followed him on my camera and scouting trips all summer long. As fall started to move in, I attempted to harvest him with my muzzleloader, but I only saw him one time and he was too far away. As any hunt goes, it has its ups and downs and I didn't harvest a deer.

This year I was hoping he would return and give me an opportunity. I purchased a bow and started practicing a lot. I set my cameras up in June and to my surprise, he came back, but this year he didnít grow the cheater on his right side but a smaller cheater on his right G3 and his mainframe split on the left side too. I was excited to have another chance, so I bought a blind and got it set in there mid-July. I followed this guy all summer long, practiced with my bow several times throughout the weeks and I was prepared.

I couldnít hunt opening morning due to being out of the state, but I was right in there two hours before daylight all setup on the second day. I was lucky enough to have my supportive wife with me in hopes he would come in, but nothing came in at all. I hunted for a few more days without success and I was getting down wondering, where did he go, why didn't he come in? On the seventh day I felt lucky. I hiked in around five in the evening and got situated in my blind. About an hour passed and a three point came in. I got excited and I was going to take a picture when "Split Ear" walked in. I waited for him to get settled with his head down and I drew back letting my arrow fly, I hit him good.

The last three years of seeing this guy finally came to rest with a heart pounding experience of archery hunting. I have never archery hunted before and now I think I'm hooked. I haven't got him officially scored yet but several people are telling me, he will go over 180". This is my best buck to date!"

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