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"Lauriza's 399-inch Monster Utah Bull"
Photo provided by: Dean Olson

Dean Olson writes, "This is a bull my wife (Lauriza) shot on the Manti unit this year. She was called by the DWR three weeks before the hunt, and offered a tag that was turned in. We live just outside of Ephraim and enjoy seeing elk above our house most of the year. We both grew up in the Sanpete valley and being in the outdoors is a big part of our lives. The story on this bull is we'd seen this bull for three to four years minus last year where we figured it had been shot. However, it would only show itself for a day or so and disappear. Most likely traveling through. As I was waiting for my 15 year old daughter to get ready for school I stepped out on the porch to glass for a minute and found him. Needless to say I wasn't much good at work that day with all the anxiety of that evening hunt. My wife is a pretty good shot with a bow but not so much with a rifle. Me being left handed, I asked my older brother and brother in law if she could borrow their rifles for the hunt. She was really good with the .308 and it was sighted in out to 1200 yards. I'm a little old fashioned I guess because I was worried that it wasn't enough gun so I had her use the 300 win. It had a muzzle brake so it wasn't bad on the kick. I asked her to use the 300 the afternoon we went after the bull. We were able to get within 250 yards for her first shot. Well, needless to say, 10 shots later the elk lay dead 20' from a road. Probably should've used the .308 but the pack out would've been harder!

Not only did she shoot a huge bull, but it died next to a road. I just as well retire from hunting because I'll never top an experience like that again! Scores green at 399 inches."

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