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"Heavy High Country Muley with Extras"
Photo provided by: Rocky Rauman

Rocky Rauman writes, "This is my 2019 Colorado High Country Mule Deer. This year I was able to draw one of the early rifle above timberline tags. We spotted the buck two miles away opening morning at 8:45. He was heading to his bedding area in a patch of brush at the very top of an avalanche chute at 12,400 ft. We spent the day just getting to the buck and by 5 o’clock I was set up on him at 250 yards. Not long after I got set up on him, he got up and started feeding in the small patch of brush but all I could see was the tops of his antlers because of how tall the brush was. Around 5:45 the buck must have winded me because after being in the same patch of brush all day, he suddenly started trotting out of the brush and heading to the nearby ridge. At 315 yards, he stopped for just long enough to give me a shot before going over the ridge. The first shot had him staggering where he stood and a second shot put him down. Thanks to help from my cousin Eric, we were able to take this awesome buck opening day and out of that crazy rugged country by the next afternoon."

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