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"New Mexico Pronghorn Hunting Fun"
Photo provided by: Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia, aka ixsolracxi, had a great hunt with his daughter this year in New Mexico. He shared their fun hunting adventure in the forum. He posted...

"My daughter was able to connect on this buck yesterday around noon in 59. Yesterday morning while we were stalking we saw a small herd split off and top a hill. It was getting hot and started looking for bedded bucks to stalk. We went around to the area the small herd went to look for them. After seeing two does at the bottom of the hill we found the herd bedded on the backside of the hill and saw a buck bedded. I turn the truck around, park at a water tank at the gate and begin about a 1 mile stalk in 90 degree heat to get to the buck. He was on the backside of the hill so we had a great opportunity to sneak up on him. As we get near the top I notice a small buck looking at us. We hunch to cut more distance but then a doe pops up and finally the buck that we were hunting got up. My daughter dropped to prone but couldn't see the buck. I grab her rifle, tell her stay behind me and we get to the top of the hill. I give the rifle back to her, she drops to prone again, I tell her the buck on the right and that he's 232 yards out. She shoots and the three antelope run up the hill with the buck she shot in the rear. He runs for a few seconds uphill then fishhooks and runs back to where he was standing and drops. When he turned I knew her shot was perfect because the entire side of his body was red. Her shot entered the rear end of the front shoulder and took out both lungs. So excited she was successful but had to get to work fast because of the heat. Not only did she make a great shot on a nice buck but I think I may have recruited a new hunter (her boyfriend)."

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