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"Great Nevada Mule Deer Hunt"
Photo provided by: Jacob Fisk

Jacob Fisk (JakeInLasVegas) shared the fun adventure that he and his boy had in Nevada. He posted.....

"Three weeks ago we bumped some does bedded down at the top edge of a burn in a nice shady valley. I was pretty sure if we went back we might find a nice buck in that same location. We walked to the top of a small rock ledge with some good sight lines down into the valley. This part of the burn has some really deep arroyos carved out that the deer use to move between cover. Not more than 30 seconds after I told my son to be ready this buck jumped up and started walking away from where he was bedded down. He started at about 150 yards moving North East through the trees. He paused a couple of times behind clumps of trees without a clear shot opportunity. He finally stopped in the open at 273 yards to look back before he crested the hill. That was his fatal mistake. One shot from a trusty old Winchester Model 70 chambered in 7mm Rem Mag and he was down. It was a great hunt and a memory that will last a lifetime."

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