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"Dandy 6x6 Idaho Bull for Tracen"
Photo provided by: Tennison Tripple

Tennison Tripple (Ft487) shared the adventure that he and his boy (Tracen Tripple) had in Idaho's unit 45 elk hunting. He posted.....

"We hunted about 14 days and finally scored on a 6pt on 28th. Nothing huge but for his first bull he was happy and I was happy too because it was a much easier pack out. He made a really nice shot at 260 yard and took out both lungs and the top of the heart. The bull took one step and fell over. He was shooting a Tikka 300 short 165 Fed Prem Barnes TSX. I was very impressed with the performance of the bullet.
It was a much tougher hunt than I expected and I think the lack of weather really hurt us but we had a great time and got lucky. We saw elk early but around the middle of the month it dried up and we saw very few on public. I'm not sure what I think of the Unit. It defiantly has some nice bulls but it's tough to find them on public and access to public is limited. If you don't have access to some kind of Transportation bike, 4 wheeler, etc...I wouldn't even attempt to hunt this unit for Elk. We covered hundreds of miles on 4 wheelers and foot just to get it done. Also, the Elk are very nomadic in that Unit and don't seem to stick around in one area unless they are feeding in the fields or on private.

My son did a fantastic job of hunting. I took him through the ringer with sleeping in the truck, long rides, steep climbs and descents down mountains. He did all his homework on days off school and still made High Honor role. All while playing Flag football and 3 days of basketball every evening. He told me it was the hardest month of his life but it was worth it. He was defiantly tired but the kid was a rock star and I couldn't be prouder. We defiantly would not have been able to hunt this much but because of his school schedule of two days at school 3 online we were able do his home work on a Chromebook that I hot spotted from my phone. Crazy how technology works.
Anyways, good times and memories for life."

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