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"Zach's Awesome Coues Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Paul Comino

Paul Comino (aka NMPaul and moderator of our New Mexico forum) shared with us all.....

"We had a helluva November. We had packed in about an hour in the dark. First stop to glass saw a few does. Next stop a couple smaller bucks. Then at around 7:30 glassed up a buck over 1000 yards away and we at first we couldn't decide if he was a shooter. Then Zach got a look at his brow tines and said it was a no brainer. I stayed put and he took off to close the distance. Best he could do was 450 yards and buck was moving to go over top to bedding area. I watched in my 15s at over 1000 yards. Took me about an hour to get there and when I got a close up view I was shocked. 10.5" inside spread, but, super heavy and huge bases. 6.5" brow tines. Just the coolest damned deer I had ever seen. We were super stoked."

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