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"Smokepole Muley Score for Dustin"
Photo provided by: Donald Burris

Donald Burris, aka huntFX4, shared some real good stuff in the forum. His 15 year old son (Dustin) took this buck with a muzzleloader. He posted...

"We scouted our area for archery to start. Found 4 bucks we were interested in. One a 6x6 and one a 27-28 inch 4x4. He got within 40 yards of the big 4 but couldn't get him to stop in a good lane to shoot. We also had a 24 inch 4x4 and this buck on his list of possibilities if he couldn't close the deal on the bigger ones. This one a 3x4 we named tripod because of his back left. Got out opening day of muzzleloader and spotted the two smaller bucks but no others so he went for it. I bedded them and talked him into the area he needed to be. Half way into the stalk, the wind shifted from North to South so I had him back out and change the approach. He got to 160 yards and they spotted him. I had him back off a bit until they calmed down. The 4x4 laid back down and tripod kept watch. My son snuck back in from a slightly different spot. He belly crawled the last 30 yards or so and got to 105 yards. Tripod spotted him and got antsy but the 4x4 stayed bedded. He watched the 4x4 for a couple minutes but he wouldn't get up so he decided to take tripod because he looked like he might spook. I'm proud he made a good stalk and good choice not to shoot a bedded buck when he couldn't see the vitals anyway."

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