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"Happy Gal and 350-inch Nebraska Bull"
Photo provided by: Justin Bright

What a happy girl, as she should be. Her husband, Justin Bright (aka Justin Bright), shared in the forum their fun adventure.

"Here is the bull that my wife, Shalane, took in Nebraska this year. As an avid hunting family we were very excited for her to draw this tag. We spent many days through out the summer scouting and running cameras. When September 1st rolled around we new exactly where we needed to be.
She was dead set on shooting a bull with her bow. We had countless close encounters and many exciting moments bow hunting. On September 7th we called this bull “The Sunset Bull” into 30 yards. Unfortunately, with a juniper in the way there was no shot. As we made our way back to the pickup we got this stunning picture of him on the horizon at sunset. After that encounter she decided that was her bull and that is the one she wanted to shoot even if it was with a rifle.
I left the 10th-20th for the annual OTC Colorado backcountry elk hunt with the boys. That however, did not stop Shalane from hunting. We talked any chance I had service and we would get the low down as to how the other was doing. When I returned home we gather everything up to head out the morning of the 21st for opening rifle.
That morning we new he was going to be in one of two spots. I typically like to be set up before daylight as close to where we think the animal is going to be. This one was tough though. We decided to hold tight and listen for bugles and go after them from there. It just so happens that was the perfect move. They were going absolutely nuts. We closed the distance. The second I cow called the sunset bull was headed on a beeline straight to us. Shalane quickly got set up and just waited for him to get closer. At 150 yards one more cow call stopped him broadside. She made a beautiful shot with the 300 RUM. He took a few steps and fell over. Shalane was ecstatic and I could not stop shaking.
This is her first bull and I know now it won’t be her last. She is hooked. It was an absolute blast to be able to enjoy this experience with my wife and I am super proud of all the hard work she put in to make this happen. I would like to give a huge shout out to all of our friends in helping us with the little ones and hunting with us when they could. Thanks guys.
This bull is 350"-360". Will have a more accurate measurement later."

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