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"Awesome Bull Elk Hunting Adventure"
Photo provided by: elkhunternm_13

Monster Muleys forum member, elkhunternm_13, shared a great hunt in the forum. Good times were had. He shared...

"Had two free days over the weekend to get out with my dad and sister. They were having zero luck and were reporting of very little elk activity. Saturday the 19th was one of the best days in the elk woods I have ever experienced. Bulls bugled nonstop for the entire day even when the temps hit high 80's. I called in several bulls and had about a dozen that we got on and just couldn't quite seal the deal. Finally that evening my day was able to put the smack down on a nice 6x at 30 yards.
It was a long night and got back to camp at midnight. We woke up at 4am and were back making the 2 hour trip into the only country seeming to hold elk. After getting back in the area it was like the switch was flipped off. A few bugles but nothing like the day before. Finally at around 9am we had one bull close. After a little sweet talk i pulled him and his cows in and my sister lunged him at 60 yards. He piled up in sight. This was her first archery kill and her first kill ever. To say excited is an understatement. Here is her darn good first bull along with my dads bull and a few other bulls along the way."

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