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"Fantastic Late-Season Colorado 4x4 Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Jeff

Jeff (aka yeff2) shared in the forum the following.....

"So last year I won a Governors tag by raffle and shot a sweet buck in 44. While hunting there I had some buddies come up and help out and one of my buddies decided to put in for 3rd season this year. Well the draw came and went and he was one of the people with 15 who didn’t draw, he only had about a 30% chance to draw with 15 points. Then about the first of October he called me to tell me CPW had contacted him about a tag being turned in and he was next on the list. He asked for my opinion and I said “you already applied for it so what’s the difference?” If you have the time do it. I told him with next years later start dates it could easily creep on him and leave him without drawing again. Needless to say after a day of pondering he accepted the tag.

Well from the opener on we kept grinding until late morning and then back at it early afternoon everyday in search of a buck. Well if anyone here has hunted 44 you know that there’s just not large numbers of deer to be seen. Finally with snow hitting us most nights we were finally starting to get some to stick and deer were starting to show up and on Tuesday morning we went and did the morning rounds that I was doing last year looking for deer and we found this sweet buck I had on video last year and after an hour on contemplating shooting him my buddy decided he was the one. So we set the rifle up and my buddy smoked the buck at 450 yards. When my buddy walked up to our surprise he was just so much bigger than he was in the glass. Check out the pics and I hope you enjoy. I guess I need to work on my photo taking of deer because I guess the pics on the Mountain I was told didn’t do him any justice. The buck grossed 193 5/8 and most important of all my buddy was happy as hell with his buck. It’s just an awesome typical buck. Great representation of the species."

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