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"Great Memories and a Big Buck for Paul"
Photo provided by: Paul Comino

Paul Comino (aka NMPaul and New Mexico forum moderator here at Monster Muleys) shared his fun Colorado adventure. He posted.....

"This hunt was everything I could ask for. I can't thank cmbulldog and my son enough. These guys drove in from all over to help me, went on stupid hikes with me, got up at 3:30 to do it, ground it out as hard or harder than me to help me find a good buck. After eating 2 elk tags already this year I told myself the last day I would take a meat buck. I passed on a beautiful deer the first day and was good with taking something less in the end, but, would hold out for a big heavy dark horned old buck with character and I guess my number was finally up again. Got lucky and Chad and Zach glassed up this buck at 900 yards. Getting close to dark the best we could do is get 540 yards my longest shot ever. I pissed and moaned that I didn't want to take that far of a shot, but, realized it was the only shot I would get that night and we had other hunters glassing this deer. Not ideal circumstances, but, they never seem to be. I made a good shot and he ended up dying about 20 yards from where I hit him, and I should just leave it at that, but, to keep my self humble I proceeded to shoot 7 more times at him because his head was up and MISS every time. The first shot was perfect not a bit of wasted meat, but, the rest were full misses. Anyhow Zach and Chad got me some incredible pictures, video of the shot, and packed out the deer. A perfect day. Thank you guys for everything."

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