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"Penny's 4th Season Colorado 6x6 Bull"
Photo provided by: Brian Latturner

I'm Brian, Founder here at Monster Muleys. My wife, Penny, was able to catch a 4th season Colorado elk tag that was re-issued. It was a unit that I knew pretty well, but had never hunted late-season elk there. So, I was a bit nervous going into the hunt...worried that I'd fail in finding elk.
Opening morning we hit a spot where my dad had seen a bunch of elk the prior year. Once there, we spotted a group of about 50 elk, but nothing real good. We followed them over the ridge and that's where a couple better bulls were hanging out. We couldn't get on them, so we backed out and returned in the evening.
Evening came and we set up where we thought they'd head for to feed during the night. Not long did we wait when we spotted them coming out of the aspens. We scrambled to close the distance while also being very careful not to send them running. We we able to close the distance to 300 yards or so and she was able to get a bullet through some thick aspens to hit him good.
Another finishing shot after having him jump up in front us and he was done.
The freezer is full and a trophy sits in the trophy room.

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