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"Sweet 6x6 Trophy Bull for Steven"
Photo provided by: Steven Wisz

Steven Wisz (aka Wiszard) shared in the forum his fun elk hunting adventure. He posted.....

"I was able to fill my tag with this elk on the fourth day of the hunt after passing on several other smaller bulls. This bull was 1 of 3 pretty good bulls in a group of about 150 that we had seen the first night of the season but weren’t able to get a shot at any of them.

Without the help of my Dad and three other guys that pretty much guided me on this trip, it would have been 10 times harder to fill this tag with a good bull. They know who they are and I am truly grateful for their friendship and willingness to help a guy out on such a special hunt.

This bull is a 6 x 6 and was rough scored at 325 inches. I came into this hunt without huge expectations. I would’ve been happy with any bull I had chosen. I had to work my butt off in tough conditions in order to get a shot on this guy and it makes the experience that much more gratifying. Unfortunately, my Dad was not able to be by my side when I shot this bull simply because I had to hike in quite a ways to catch up to this herd. It was pretty rough country, it was cold and the snow hid every log and rock I had to climb over to get to these elk.

My Dad was ecstatic when I met him back at the truck. He greeted me with a huge hug and a congratulations. We hiked back in and field dressed and quartered the elk. The following day, several of us packed him out which made it a lot easier than it should’ve been. I owe the guys that helped me a huge thank you.

Upon packing this elk out, my Dad and I were in awe of the work involved in harvesting an elk. It’s all about preparation… Getting in shape, getting information from people, knowing where the elk are and where they might be going. Not to mention spending enough time at the range to know what your max limitations are. I was lucky enough to kill this bull at less than 200 yards.
To say I am lucky is an understatement. Drawing this tag as a non-resident with 10 points is ridiculous. I spoke with several locals who told me it takes them over 20 years to draw this tag and they have 85% more tags allotted. I do feel bad for residents that aren’t able to hunt close to home but I would give anything to draw this tag again 10 years from now."

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