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"Ryan's Oregon Coast Roosevelt Bull"
Photo provided by: Ryan Daniels

Ryan Daniels, who goes by Coyotebrowntrouthunter in the forums, scored on a nice one this year. He shared in the forum the following.....

"Thought I would share my 2020 Second season OR Coast Roosevelt Bull with everyone. My Dad and I were very fortunate to catch this nice 4pt. bull still out with a small herd of cows in a downpour the day before Thanksgiving around 8AM in the morning. I made a good shot at 315 yards to break his neck (as he was looking straight at me) to put him down with my .270 Husky with 130 gr. Nosler Partitions. After some hugs and high-fives, my Dad and I got to work with our chainsaw winch. Not sure if you can tell, but it was some STEEP country and we were glad there was a stump there to stop him from rolling another 100 to 150 yards down the mountain! 2020 ended up being a great hunting season for me personally and one I'm blessed and thankful for!"

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