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"Sweet Whitey Down!"
Photo provided by: Stillwater165

Forum member, Stillwater165, anchored himself a fine buck. He shared in the forum.....

"Whitey Down! - Well now that we are back to the Whitetail game once again, I got pretty lucky. Usually itís the kids, but this time it was my turn. We watched this buck many times last year, took many pictures of him on our old home farm. I blame it on the kids, sneaking around all the time trying to take pictures of him while I had a tag!!!!! Long story short he left, never saw him again till after season. Well he screwed up yesterday evening and was back. I had to sneak under a bridge, through the creek just to the top of the hill to get it done right. He was locked head on my direction when I came over the hill, staring right at me. We both froze, he slowly started to turn and bang, my kids little single shot 350 legend dumped him in his tracks. Pretty happy it actually worked out."

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